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    We have a knowledge repository, which consists of best practices as applicable to design various e-business applications.
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    A premier Software solutions, services and consulting company offering quality solutions.
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What we do

Customizable Apps

We have an unparallel application building engine that can build ready to serve application for you in a minute.

Social Apps

Applications that can interact with major social networking sites and can make your business attract huge customer base and establish permanant channel.

Award Winning Technology

We own a patented engine that can integrate almost any technolgy, any hardware, cloud infrastructure as well as Mobile technology.

Secure Social Apps

All our applications are now Secure Social ready. Applications can make users to login through their social networking ids so that we can increase the security at the same time assure the genuinity.

Ready to Serve

With the help of Rapid application development technology offered by GIT, you can straightaway serve your customers online as well as mobile with just a couple of click.

Bigdata Analytics

We have setup a powerful multi-node cluster that can generate analytics for millions of records within minutes. We are future ready for providing BigData Solutions.

QR Code Apps

We are masters in embedding valuable data, like security credentials, sensitive data, bio-metric data inside QR-Code image. This technology can be used even for generating coupons for e-commerce.

Be a Winner

With high-end technology provided by GIT, your business will rush ahead of your competetors, and target a better and genuine customer base.

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